After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to release the Jolly Almanac of Card Knavery, for free. If you decide that you want to support this book and possible future projects, you can hit up my Patreon here. Otherwise, to begin learning, click here to access the JACK pdf!

Until now, JACK existed as a series of blog entries. Check them out below if you like.


Part 1: The Overhand Shuffle

Part 2: The Riffle Shuffle

Part 3: The Key Card

Part 4: Full-Deck False Shuffles and Cuts

Part 5: The Glide

Part 6: Forces

Part 7: The Double-Lift

Part 8: Miscellaneous Techniques

Part 9: The Palm

Part 10: The Top Change

Part 11: The Pass

Part 12: Miscellaneous Tricks