Sorry for the lack of magic content recently. Long story short: no gigs at the moment, currently working on the book, trying to hustle up some other stuff.

That said, I came up with the following glimpse. Possibly invented before. You get a card controlled to the bottom somehow, and then you do a sort of back-and-forth shuffle that the Optical Shuffle in Royal Road is modeled on, except that you milk the first chop of that shuffle.

In a bit more detail. The card to be sighted has been controlled to the bottom. You get into the overhand shuffling grip. You perform the milk shuffle action to extract the bottom half of the deck minus the bottom-most card. You openly dump a bunch of cards on top of the left hand’s packet. You then tilt that packet forward and openly dump a bunch of cards on the bottom. This gives you a big eyeful of the controlled card. You tilt it back, dump a few more cards. You tilt it forward, dump a few more, shuffling off in this fashion. (You probably don’t need many more iterations after these four)

I don’t know how useful it is, since you’ve got to control a card first (maybe for something like the Kelly Bottom Placement, which is what got me thinking about this in the first place). That said, some regular folks do shuffle like this, it lets you delay the glimpse, and it just sort of has a correct feel to it.