This weekend’s gig was a bit funny. Living in New West in a city with terrible cab coverage and an Uber ban, so when I showed up at the venue on Saturday with a table I’d carted 45 mins on public transportation and then walked with for another 30 minutes, and found out the gig was actually for the Sunday, I should have known it was going to be a weird one.

The gig itself turned out fine, but it was a nice object lesson in knowing your venue before you actually need to work there. A few things on that…

The restaurant manager was actually super-understanding and let me keep the table there overnight. Probably less-than-professional of me to ask, but dammit, I was tired of hauling that thing around. Still, I should have double-checked both the date of the event and the transit options for getting there. It would have saved some misery. Vancouver’s transit infrastructure is starting to betray just how lousy it can be at times — or maybe it’s been this way for a while and I’m getting an eyeful of it because I’m back — so having backup plans is a necessity. My table rig probably needs to be rethought as well. Professionally, the long run calls for walk-around, so the repertoire needs to be analyzed from that standpoint as well.

Speaking of repertoire, the gig was actually outside. Normally not a big deal, except that the stuff I’m currently working with is essentially all light props (monte, cards and fuzzballs for 2ITH/1ITP). I’ve got some stuff in storage that I need to get at, since if the day was any windier, I would have been proper screwed.

Speaking of being outside, mosquitoes. It’s very annoying to have to smack your face midway through a card sleight because you’re getting eaten alive by the little varmints.

One other thing… did the multiple selection routine again for five folks. Normally I do this signed. Did it unsigned. This turned out to be problematic for a couple of reasons. First, they were all drinking pretty heavily, and that means memories get fuzzy. Signing means not having to remember anything. Produced the Ace of Diamonds and the lady said her card was the Two of Diamonds. I’ve got a glimpse I can use to make sure I’ve got the first person’s card under control, but that’s of little use if the thing’s unsigned. Secondly, one guy had to actually leave early. I figured out how to force his card onto him prematurely, but if it was signed, I could just produce it and people would all know I found it.

One other mistake was not actually making a point of introducing myself to the event manager. In fact, because I’ve mostly been concerned with the process of getting my hands back, there’s a bunch of stuff I’m behind on. No business cards. Three gigs, no contacts with any event planners. No photos. Main website isn’t up yet. Part of me is holding out on that last one until I lose some weight, but really, I should just get something done.

Otherwise… Monte’s continuing to do fine. Kindergarten kid responded well to the small packet Out Of This World, so it’s a good thing to have in your back pocket (self-working versions of this plot exist). Did well with the updated 10 Card Poker Deal talked about elsewhere in this series (is it a series now?).