So the second gig in two days was… interesting. Not as many things to comment on as the first, but a couple of noteworthy things did happen.

First, just about everybody at this gig was very, very drunk. It’s sobering when you realize that a lot of your material depends upon them being, well, sober. I think, when I finally get my hands on all my stuff, things will improve. Meaning, spongeballs. Still, if you’re just starting out and thinking about doing this sort of thing, always having something in the back pocket that you can use when they’re hammered is a good practice.

Second, I got to give a group of six folks “the Speakeasy Sensation”, which is pretty much a pretentious title for my approach to the Multiple Selection/Revelation plot. Again, if you’re just starting out and thinking about doing this sort of thing, then… well, don’t necessarily add an MSR routine to your repertoire, but rather, have something in your repertoire that absolutely undeniably is a closer. There’s a big difference between having something that’s stronger than everything else in your set, and having a closer. It’s the difference between ending a comedy show with a good set of jokes, and Pablo Francisco ending with “Little Tortilla Boy”.

If you don’t have a closer, then have a strong signature piece. Now, it doesn’t really need to be a signature effect — while awesome to have, they are really hard to get. But, you do want something that at the very least will differentiate you from the others in your market. As entertainment options continue to multiply, we need to carve out a place for ourselves, and give people a reason for why they should watch us and not something else.

Third, there was this one guy who was totally into it, and a girl who’d been fooled a few times. I managed to flash a card at this guy for an extended period, asking him to concentrate on a card, and then I forced the card onto the girl, and got the guy to name it. She flipped right the hell out. Nothing groundbreaking there. Later on, though, I tried to do the same thing with somebody who was enjoying the magic but in perhaps a bit more of a confrontational way, and when I tried to get her to do the same thing, she instead named a card that she wanted. I wasn’t able to get her to take the hint. I really want to get this thing to work on a regular basis, though…

Fourth, I forgot in my first gig the importance of priming the crowd earlier on. I had this technique that I used to use way back that made approaching people cold a lot easier. I sort of did it last night, and wouldn’t you know it, the two people I did this for ended up bringing people to watch stuff later on in the gig, and both occasions were the most receptive audiences. Again, something I need to make work each and every time. I’ll share it when I hone it better.

Finally, this past gig was the first one where I was actually able to get people to call me “The Burnaby Kid”. This is probably related to them being really drunk. But, they got a kick out of it. Ironic that the first time I get that to happen here, it’s when I’m actually living in New West. Sigh…

That’s pretty much it.