Alright, so I’m back in Vancouver and still trying to get settled, so I don’t really have that much to talk about. Here’s the plan for the short term…

* Finish up JACK. With all the upheaval from the move I’ve put this on the backburner, and it’s really time to get this thing done. I’d wanted to get it finished in time for the summer, but with life being very uncertain it’s been difficult to get my head right on the book. There’s not too much work to do, but there is enough to require a certain amount of dedicated time.

* Get back into casino nights events. Back before I left for Korea this was where I was doing most of my performing. At the time I was working strictly with one company, but I’m probably going to have to diversify beyond that in all likelihood.

* Prepare to research for the next book. One great thing about getting back into regularly performing close-up is I’ll have a chance to work on some variants on the two-in-the-hand-one-in-the-pocket trick. I’ve got about a dozen versions designed, but the only ones I’ve tested have been for younger audiences. Performing for adults again will broaden that, which can only help the content of the book.

* Look into comedy-themed bar promotions. I’ve got about a dozen different things I want to pitch to bars that have a backroom that they’re not using on off-nights. One of the things I was doing last summer was nighttime activities for students who came to the village, and it was a lot of fun. Obviously adults are a different beast and will require different events, so we’ll see how that goes.

* Develop a trade show set. Because… I want to be able to do trade shows. Trying to come up with magic that’s marketing-friendly that doesn’t suck is a bit of an interesting challenge. It’d be like the capitalist’s version of gospel magic, which I tend to hate, but it feels like an interesting challenge, similar to the no-swearing thing I’ve got going on here at the nu blogge recently.

* Blog more. I think it’ll be easier to meet this objective once I’m no longer trying to figure out where I’ll be living.

I guess that’s about it for now. More later as I start to get settled…