Sorry for the slowdown in blog content. There’s some behind-the-scenes stuff going on and I don’t really have anything new to write magic-wise. So, I’ll make an effort to republish some stuff from ye olde…

Here’s a little holiday fun for you. If one of your holiday gifts is a Jay Sankey DVD, or if you find yourself looking for additional amusement with a Sankey DVD you already own, consider playing…

…Jay Sankey Bingo!

That’s right. Gather some friends, a pad of paper and some pencils, your Jay Sankey DVD, and be prepared for a rollicking good time! First, draw your 5×5 grid, or else download and print the following…

You’ll notice that the coveted center square has been filled with Sankey saying “Boom!”. That’s a gimme. Next, randomly fill up the grid the various things Sankey says and does that we’ve all grown to know and love. Some suggestions…

* Erdnase Change

* “2 beats!”

* Bill Switch (updated from “Bill Switch for a non $1 to $100 transformation effect”, which turned out to be redundant)

* Goshmann/Tenkai Pinch

* “We need a blah. Who’s got a blah?” (Replace ‘blah’ with relevant object(s).)

* Ludicrous Accent

* Attempt at joke involving a body part

* Attempt at joke involving an animal

* Attempt at joke involving a midget

* Wiggling of the hips

* Necktie Second Deal

* Imagined spectator signs the card strange (frequently accompanied by a joke about said spectator having a medical condition or other unfortunate background)

* Vernon Substitute Transfer (packet switch of several cards from a spread)

* Knuckle-busting Mentalism (use of ridiculous sleight-of-hand that a mentalist would never use, for a mentalism effect)

* “Sell it!” (includes variants such as “You’ve gotta sell it!” or “This really sells it!”)

* Flip-over Move (Deck’s wrapped in a rubber band and then tossed from one hand to the other, you know the rest)

* Fake Tear

* Topper (Frank Garcia’s card move)

* Boom! x 5 (Sankey says “Boom!” 5 times. You’ll want to assign an arbiter in your group to tally these.)

* Boom! x 10 (Sankey says “Boom!” 10 times)

* Boom! x 20 (Sankey says “Boom!” 20 times)

* Glee at sound (Sankey expresses obvious satisfaction at the sound element in a trick. Sometimes accompanied by Sankeyface.)

* Glee at Reset (Sankey expresses obvious satisfaction at the resetting nature of the routine construction)

* Glee at Examinability (Sankey expresss obvious satisfaction that “everything… can be examined”.)

* Glee at How Far Ahead He Is

* Paperclipped switch

* Gratuitous namedrop

* Kaps/Malini/Ramsay Confusion (Sankey apologizes for being unsure which subtlety he’s using)

* “atoll” (Sankey’s pronunciation for “at all”)

* Mercury Card Fold

* Sankeyface! (looks like the following…)

That ought to be enough to cover your grid, and then some.

The object of the game is straightforward. Sankey does one of the above, you cross it off. Get a line of 5 items before your friends do, yell “Bingo!” and celebrate your victory, you winner, you.

Before actual gameplay, you might want to confer with your opponents about whether or not multiple Sankeyisms in a single situation count for one or all of them. For instance, “You really want to sell it, so I do it with two beats. Boom… and boom!” should allow for three squares to be crossed off, but at the same time, that might make for a very short game. Your call.

Also, if somebody yells out “Bingo!” midway through the explanation of the second trick, to extend your fun you might want to consider having two or even three lines of 5 be the goal.

Strategy tips: You’ll notice that the center square has been taken up with “Boom!” thereby ensuring a pretty even playing field. If you decide to have a perfectly-blank grid where all items can be filled in, keep in mind that’s the square where the most lines of 5 intersect, and therefore a reliable Sankeyism should be put there.

After that, the choices spots on the grid are anything that lies along the diagonals, since they’re where 4 lines of 5 intersect. As such, that would be a good place to put something like “animal joke” or “Boom x 10″, which are quite reliable. All other squares are intersection points for two lines at most, and should be reserved for things that are not givens (eg: “Erdnase Change” if you’re watching a coin magic DVD, which only has about a 10% chance of happening).

And that’s it! You’ll find that this is a much better (and healthier) group activity than the “Jay Sankey Says ‘Boom!’ Drinking Game!” that we shared last year, and which caused several lawsuits, mostly from people who had liver poisoning by the 20-minute mark. Thanks for playing Jay Sankey Bingo!