Ya boy got published in Genii.

Now, at the moment, I’ve got a blog readership of, like, three people, so if you’re coming to this from the future, it’s the May 2018 issue. Click here to begin the process of giving Kaufman your money.

The trick’s also in JACK if you prefer to wait. But if you do, you’ll miss John Guastaferro’s great write-up.

EDIT: There is a slight typo in the write-up, in the early explanation of the counting.

Count as you move to the Square (1), to the Star (2), back to the Square (3), to the Wavy Lines (6), to the Plus Sign (7).

That (6) and (7) should be a (4) and (5). Doesn’t change the odd/even thing though. Also, John’s told me that the online version might be fixed next week.