It may seem strange to put this up as something of interest to magicians, because it’s about wedding photography as opposed to magic performance, but it’s about the philosophy of pricing, which is a really tough topic for pretty much any artist trying to figure out how to enter the professional world when the concept of a pricing standard is a joke.

I remember with some embarrassment two events that I did, back before I had any clue what I was doing. In both cases, I charged well under industry standard, but well over what I should have charged, simply because I didn’t have the confidence to know that if I was quoting (for example) $100 for an hour, that I was delivering at least $100 of value for that hour. At the time, it felt like nobody involved actually knew if the money was appropriate — not me, not the client, not anybody.

And what are the options? Do some gigs for free and hope that you can figure out the dollar value after the fact for future gigs? Good luck getting paid $1000 for an afternoon if word gets out that you do stuff for free for your friends…

Dunno. Don’t have answers. But, it’s an interesting video.

(And yeah, the music and abrupt changes in camera angle is annoying, but the video is still interesting)