As a result of the recent societal awakening involving sexual assault and harassment, I’m going to take some drastic steps in how I deal with dating. First, I’m not going to make any aggressive moves towards women at all. Second, if I meet somebody, I’m going to make sure that she knows that I won’t be making the first move. Third, if she decides that she’s ready for intimacy, I’m going to make sure that she knows that she must let me know in as clear and unambiguous a manner as possible that she wants to have sex with me. Fourth, I’m going to make sure that when it happens, it’s clear that she knows that she’s the one who has to take charge every step of the way in our first encounter, and that we’ll have to video-record it just to be sure there’s proof that she was the one in control the entire time. And fifth, when it’s done, I’m going to use that video to sue the hell out of her.