In the April 2018 issue of Vanish Magazine there’s a three-phase coins-through-hand routine. I personally like it. It’s offbeat compared to coins across routines, and it eliminates a lot of the counting back-and-forth stuff simply by involving penetrations on each hand, before having the last coin go into the spectator’s.

Here’s the link. The trick is on page 56.

A couple of things about the publishing of it… Paul Romhany basically took what I sent and put it in there verbatim, so if there are any spelling or grammatical mistakes, that’s all on me. I maybe should have given it an extra proofread, yikes. Also, the final paragraph got cut off a bit — you’re losing nothing when it comes to method, but it does involve a bit crediting. Here’s the full paragraph…

The only other coins-through-hand routine I was able to find in my research was Derek Dingle’s in Pallbearer’s Review #6. Both use a shell, have coins land on their hand, and end with an in-their-hands finale, but there are some differences in the handling that I think make this distinct.

Obviously having a single coin going through the hand is old hat, but I couldn’t find anything that involved it being the core effect using multiple coins, apart from Dingle. I suppose it borrows a lot from shell coins through table routines, though, so if somebody wants to pipe up with a suggested credit, I’m all ears.

Anyhoo, there ya goo. See? It’s not all card tricks here at the Nu Blogge.