Dating these days is really hard. I recently came to the realization that I need to call things off with a woman I’m seeing because it’s not working out. It’s that age-old story, I’m an Aquarius, and she’s bat-#$%! crazy.

One thing I hate about this specific joke is that I think it actually needs the swear word to work. Since a big part of all this is trying to find material that’s clean, it’s a problem. Perhaps the part of this is to find some sort of funny way to express her craziness.

EDIT: So I came across a Kyle Dunniger clip that pretty much has the same joke. It’s from 2006. Now, I don’t expect anybody to believe me, but I had this joke within a dating profile round-about 2001. So the only question I have is… what was Kyle Dunniger doing reading my dating profile in 2001?

…something something independent creation something…