Alright, I guess it’s time.

An ongoing project for the past I-don’t-know-how-long has been putting the stuff you’ve seen here about the Jolly Almanac of Card Knavery into book form. I recently got back some artwork, and so at this point, there’s no excuse to delay putting out the preview of the first two chapters.

So, here there are.

Only the boxed stuff is technically in the public domain, but the way I see it, you can do what you like with the rest.

There are still some things that need changing (minor formatting issues, italics, a couple of touch-ups to the graphics) but this should be good enough for you to see what the rest of the book looks like. I didn’t include the entire Table of Contents because, well, I want there to be something to look forward to.

But in a general sense? 12 Chapters in total. 2 Appendices. Over 80 tricks. Dozens of techniques. 12 essays on topics related to magic theory. Hidden variations in some of the descriptions. Everything you need to go from beginner status to the level of a professional.

Get JACKed.