Just in case anybody might be curious about how the image for JACK came about, it’s a modification of one of the vector images in a set put out by Chris Aguilar.

These are great images. They scale incredibly well. I’ve been able to use these not only for JACK, but also to create my own Magician’s Insurance Policy for shows, which is great, because in customizing that you can personalizing the script to whatever you like, including even having the spectator read out the terms of the policy. (Incidentally, ignore the quality in my lousy banner up there — it was a rushed screenshot using my potato computer’s SVG viewer. Download these yourself and scroll in, and you’ll see the quality.)

There is a condition on using these images, which is attribution. Here’s the relevant text and links.

Vectorized Playing Cards 2.0 – http://sourceforge.net/projects/vector-cards/

Copyright 2018 – Chris Aguilar – conjurenation@gmail.com

Licensed under LGPL 3 – www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html

Personally, I think that’s a tiny price to pay to have access to such a great resource.

Great job, Chris!