There’s not all that much here that’s novel, except for a specific presentational approach that sort of deals with the issue of why you need four piles instead of just two. You can use UF Frant’s impromptu method, although you’ll want to make sure that the Three of Hearts ends up amongst the black cards, and the Three of Diamonds is left in the cardbox. Start this while the spectator is shuffling the deck.

“This is a card trick, but it’s sort of about psychic powers. There are a few different kinds of psychic powers, but the three big ones are telepathy, clairvoyance, and seeing the future.”

Set down a red card and a black card. “We’ll start with telepathy. Now telepathy means reading my mind. You might not be sure if you can do that, but you might be able to read my face. Basically, look at my face, and try to figure out from the way my face looks if I’d want the card to end up over here on the red cards, or over here on the black cards.” Do this for 16 or so cards.

“Alright, that was interesting. How was my poker face? Well, that was telepathy. Before we get to clairvoyance, have you ever heard of the theory about the hemispheres of the brain? Meaning, like the right-brain is involved with logic, and the left-brain is involved with feelings. Now, you were analyzing my face, right? This time, you’re actually going to be doing this just from clairvoyance. Nobody’s going to see the cards, me included. Clairvoyance is the kind of thing that can sort of manifest itself from gut feelings. So, you’ve got to use the other side of the brain for this. To help you keep that in mind, we’re going to switch the colours, like you’re switching the hemispheres of the brain. Try to deal black cards on black, and red cards on red.” Do this for 16 or so cards.

“Alright, we’ll leave these as is.” The remaining cards are spread out, showing a mix or reds and blacks. “Let’s see how you did using the combined powers of telepathy and clairvoyance… oh my. These cards here are all red, and these ones here are all black. Let’s turn these ones here over, and look, they’re all red, and they’re all black! You did really well! You did…”

You notice one red card amongst the blacks. “…uh, this is weird. Now, most people here would think this is a mistake. And usually, well, they’d be right. But remember when I said that there were three kinds of ESP? Telepathy, clairvoyance and future sight. Seeing the future. You see, the thing is, in that card box over there, that I haven’t touched, I actually left one card behind, you know just in case this might happen. Now, in a deck of cards there are 26 mates. Two red sevens, two black jacks, etc. At the end of this, I planned to spill out that card. What’s the mate of your three of hearts here? The three of diamonds? Let’s see if you read the future…” Pick up the box, open it, spill out the card facedown, and slowly turn it over to show the three of diamonds.

Standard method, just a bit of scripting. Reading it now it feels like it might be a bit verbose, but whatever. Here you go, free presentation for OOTW.