Content here is going to be slowing down for a bit for the next few weeks. I’ll try to get the last few JACK chapters up at a rate of one a week, there are jokes scheduled up until the end of April, and I will be trying to repost some of the better material from ye olde magick blogge, but contributions are going to be a bit slim otherwise. Basically, my schedule at work has filled up and it’s going to stay that way until January of 2019, which is going to push work on a project into my free time, which in turn is going to slow the speed of blogging until that project is done, which might not be until the end of March, if even that soon. I’ll still put up small things when I get the chance, but originally 1000-word essays might be few and far between until maybe the late Spring.

In other news, I might as well confess something about myself. For those who don’t know, my real name’s Andrew Musgrave. I’m mentioning that because there are going to be a couple of tricks published in magazines soon and I don’t think I’ll be able to get credited as The Burnaby Kid. I’m going to continue on as the Kid online — although goodness knows why since I just turned 43 — so I guess I have to start doing this so people can connect the dots, assuming people want to connect the dots.

In any case, planned items for March… Reviews of Tom Mullica and Alexander De Cova DVD sets, wrapping up JACK, a half-dozen items from YOMB, 4-5 jokes, and a few plugs for worthy stuff that shows up elsewhere.