Here’s Al Flosso performing Miser’s Dream. One of the things that I greatly admire about a lot of old-school magicians is that they were really willing to go overboard with an effect in order to drive it home. Of course, repeating an effect can be hazardous if you’re repeating the method, but when you’re switching things up like Flosso does in this video, I honestly believe this is the sort of thing that can force an audience into surrendering to the effect, because he’s just too far ahead of them to keep up.

Not to speak for all coin magicans, but in some versions of the trick that I’ve seen, there’s been a movement away from this level of overkill. I can understand why somebody would want to go in that direction (especially when it comes to the personal space issues with a minor), but when I see it, I can’t help but wish more performers would find new ways to do as Flosso did, and I honestly believe if somebody had the gumption to recreate this with a more modern style, they’d be an instant sensation in the community, because if nothing else, there’s zero chance that somebody’s going to leave something like this without a story of the magician who found a million coins on his assistant.