Just in case people may have forgotten that magic blogging was actually a thing beyond the past couple of years, here’s a contribution from Roland Henning, where he does Roberto Giobbi’s “A Sure Bet”.

Roland’s blogging has understandably fallen off as of late, because the guy’s actually doing shows in his own theater, but for a long while he was known as the guy who ran the Weekly Magic Failure blog. Something not as many people might know is that he also ran the Weekly Magic blog, which is a tremendous video resource of trick performances, including a stretch where he did a card trick video once a day for an entire year. We’ve got access to more L&L stuff than we know what to do with, but Roland’s blog here offers a chance for us to see how a lot of printed material looks. Nevermind if you don’t like his execution of a pass here or an Elmsley count there — this isn’t about him showing off moves. Rather, it’s about something David Roth talks about in his own videos, which is contributing to the magical record. Roland’s blog here is a real gift in that aspect. It may lack the inevitable allure that comes from the sort of controversy we got in the WMF blog, but it’s an amazing gift to the community.

In addition to being such an awesome guy who’s doing well, the jerk actually managed to lose a ton of weight in the past couple of years. Attaboy, Roland.