Weight seems to have gotten out of hand. 268 lbs. Holy crap.

Ok, that’s got to change. I’m hiding this in the blog just because I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I’m going to be going on a damn diet and tracking the progress.

I’ll add to this later to talk about what I’m doing about it, but for now…

Jeeeeeeezus. 268?!?

Mid-April Update

Ok, so in the past two-and-a-half months I’ve gotten myself down to 248, which is a 20 pound difference. That’s pretty good, but the first weight is almost always the easy weight, and 250 was where I was actually at the last time I looked at myself and said “Jesus, this has to change.” So the victory here is mostly symbolic. Also, major changes to lifestyle are all diet-based, with nothing exercise-based, and that’s no good either.

That said… the current regimen is oatmeal in the morning, small low-cal snacks throughout the day, large dinner that’s loaded with veg, about 75g of popcorn at night, and 2L of water right before bed. The salt is almost entirely confined to the popcorn. The only meat I eat is chicken, and the only real fat in addition to it comes from olive oil and sometimes yogurt. Mushrooms have been a real godsend because they give a lot of body to the meal, bringing with it lots of fiber but without too many calories. The major carb base for dinner is a rotation of pasta, broccoli and bean sprouts. I haven’t quite figured out how to cook bean sprouts properly, and the pasta isn’t as high in fiber as I’d like (it being Korea and all), and part of what’s making me think coming back to Canada for the summer is a good idea is to get back into an even healthier diet in that regard.

I’ve developed only one decent new recipe out of this, but a major benefit to it is that I’m getting a nice pasta sauce without the salt. In a low layer of boiling water, add the chicken, then two tomatoes, two hot peppers, one red bell pepper, ton of mushrooms, and then olive oil, vinegar (apple currently), pepper, hot peppers, garlic powder, paprika, cumin seed, oregano. Boil this for a while, add a small bit of pasta (way less than I’m used to), then add a few spoonfulls of low-fat yogurt (couldn’t find sour cream) right before serving. The yogurt was originally to improve a curry sauce, but as it turns out I’m junk at curry sauces.

More later…