So, I’m going to be trying this out again. For anybody who might have read Ye Olde Magick Blogge there are going to be some changes.

First, while magic will still be a big part of what ends up here, there’s going to be some additional content. Lately I’ve been interested in other facets of writing, such as stand-up comedy, science fiction, and even scripting for professional wrestling. So, you may have to suffer through that extra stuff from time-to-time. Hope that’s ok.

Second, I’m going to be removing the ability to comment. I had to put up with a couple of undesirable folks the last time around, and I just don’t want to have to deal with that. Emails will be totally welcome, though. I just need some way to vet things.

Third… alright, this is the big one. Partially related to the second point, I’ve realized that there is a lot out there for me to be angry at. There are those who’ve gotten on my case for wanting to be a magician. There are those who were happy to see me thrown out onto the street. There are those who didn’t keep their word on performing contracts in Korea. There are those who were fair-weathers friends, who were happy to pretend like I didn’t exist when it suited them. There are those who tried to capitalize on my name for their own greed. There are those who started websites and suggested unsavory things about me, there were those who watched that happen and stayed silent, and there was even one who thought it’d be funny to point out what happened in order to score a point in an unrelated argument. There are those who…



Oh, shut up, Raylan. You’re not even on television anymore.

Alright, long story short, I’m going to make an effort to do things a bit differently than I did before. This isn’t to say that those others are no longer invited to make love to themselves, but rather… I don’t need any more of it, and that starts with me, and what I’m doing here. It’s been a bad few years, but rather than use this place to drudge all that up, efforts are going to be made to celebrate the good, rather than give mental effort towards the bad. Chances are pretty good that the stories involving all those people earlier aren’t finished yet, but I don’t want this blog to be about that.

With one exception.

Before I get to that, it should be pointed out that the magic blogging world has made great gains in the past couple of years. Whereas before it seemed like it was mostly Roland Henning, myself, and a few others trying to make things happen, Andy from the Magic Circle Jerk came back onto the scene with The Jerx blog. It is, without a doubt in my mind, the greatest magic blog there is right now, and without giving either myself or Roland any short shrift on what we were able to accomplish back in the day, it may be the greatest magic blog there has ever been. It’s just that good.

That said, praising the guy for his continued excellent writing and ideas is just going to get boring as hell, so the one exception to the new mandate of sunshine-and-rainbows is going to be him and his blog. Part of me is hoping that it takes him forever to find this confessional so that the joke can continue for as long as possible. Perhaps that level of contrarianism for its own sake is pretty juvenile, dunno. It’s just that I read somewhere on reddit recently that the Flat Earth Society might actually be an underground debate club where people deliberately argue the intellectually bankrupt side of an argument just to hone their skills. There’s something seductive about the idea of doing just that against The Jerx’s blog, and seasoning it with a dash of malice. Andy, when you finally find this paragraph, just consider it all flirting. You’re awesome.

But apart from that… yeah. Let’s give this another shot.